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School Site Council

California law requires that each public school will convene a school site council which is charged with development and approval of the school's improvement plan. 

Who is on a school site council?

The law defines the role of each member of the school site council. At all levels the group shall include:

The number of non-school staff (parents, students and community members) must equal the number of school staff. A staff member of the school who is also a parent cannot serve as a non-school staff member. Of the staff members, the majority must be teachers. For example, if there are two non-teaching staff members and the principal on the site council, there must be at least four teachers on the council and 7 parents, students or community members. 

How do I become involved? 

School Site Council meetings are public and prior notice must be given before the council meets to take any action. All parents and community members are welcome to attend meetings. 

Individuals who wish to serve on a site council should speak with their school principal who will inform them of the dates, times and method of election for any open positions on the council. If you have questions or concerns that your principal is unable to address, please contact our Student Learning and Assistance Office at 979-8049.

  • the school principal;
  • teacher representatives elected by fellow teachers;
  • other school staff elected by their peers;
  • parents of students currently attending the school and selected by other parents;
  • and, in secondary schools, student representatives selected by other students.