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An Open Program could not exist without the continuing support of the parents. For the sake of our children and the educational processes at work in an Open Program environment, parents are asked to make a personal pledge to support their students and their learning environment in this non-traditional program. An experiential approach to learning requires the engagement of the parent, student and teacher as equal stakeholders in the Orangevale Open community.

Parent Hours

Volunteer with these important on-campus positions!  All volunteers will need to be cleared via the District's volunteer process found here:

Morning Carpool Helpers: Help with this very important job in the Illinois lot. The schedule is flexible; any day or days from 8:30-8:55am. Come to the office for more information.

Noon Duty Aides: Enjoy the kids and keep them safe (12:05 pm - 1:35 pm, 1-5 days a week). Please come to the office for more information.

Steering Meetings

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide a forum for any issues concerning Orangevale Open. The Steering Committee defines and assesses the purpose and direction of the philosophical base for Open education at Orangevale. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include initiating and interpreting policies for Orangevale Open. The Steering Committee promotes a team effort among the classes and provides continuity from year to year. It is a locale for dialogue between parents and teachers from classes other their child’s. The Steering Committee is a vehicle for voicing ideas or concerns regarding the total program, but it also generates new ideas from parents and teachers. Teachers are welcome to present their calendar of plans at Committee meetings, promoting communication of activities among classes and providing a vehicle for teachers to communicate with parents about new ideas. The Steering Committee serves as a vehicle through which issues discussed a the classroom level may ultimately reach the Site-Based Management Team for discussion, and also as a vehicle through which issues discussed at the Site-Based Management Team meetings are funneled back into the classrooms.

The OVO Steering Committee meets monthly. Members are teachers and Class Coordinators.  Parents and interested community members are welcome to attend. 

Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

Please visit us at .